Steel Plate & Metal Fabrication

J&M Parts provides Ameralloy specialty steels and fabrication for mining and construction.

Chromium Carbide Overlay

Ameralloy Double-C® is designed for extremely abrasive conditions with low to moderate impact.

Ameralloy Steel Corp.

Ameralloy Premium Alloys

Since 1978, Ameralloy is known worldwide for its premium, high-strength alloys. The company’s proprietary formulations deliver superior impact and wear resistant performance in high production industrial, mining and construction applications.

Ultra-tough Ameralloy alloys are typically specified for machined shafts, gear racks, conveyor wheels, crusher and sizing screens, OEM parts and high impact steel components in heavy machinery such as a bulldozer edge, coal chute, bucket or truck bed liner.

Expert fabrication, forging and engineering assistance is available when Ameralloy premium alloys are specified. With extensive OEM and field experience, Ameralloy manufactures cost-efficient solutions to increase production and reduce downtime.