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O Series® pumps were originally designed for handling petroleum products.  Later, O Series pumps were introduced into the industrial market for effective handling of solvents and similar liquids, as well as excellent clean water handling.  The straight-in-suction design without a check valve eliminated entrance restrictions provides quick, reliable self-priming with few moving parts offering saving thru minimal maintenance and increased efficiency.  The O Series has a variety of seal configurations to choose from allowing it to handle a number of different liquids. 

> O Series  Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps
Size 2" (50 mm), 3" (80 mm), 4" (100 mm), 6" (150 mm)
Max Capacity 1350 GPM (85 lps)
Max Head 400' (122 m)
Max Solids 0-86/125" (17 mm)
Max Temperature 160 F (71 C)
Materials of Construction Aluminum, Bronze, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron