Air Sentry Breathers

Air Sentry Breathers

More productivity, less maintenance with Air Sentry Breathers.

J&M Parts is a reliable supplier of Air Sentry® breathers that increase efficiency, prolong fluid life, reduce maintenance costs and downtime. We ship to Mexico, Caribbean, Central/South America.

Air Sentry breathers replace the breather cap or air filter on gear boxes, hydraulic fluid reservoirs, bulk storage tanks, oil drums, oil-filled transformers and other fluid reservoirs. Desiccant breathers adsorb water from air before it enters the system, removing particulate contaminants down to 2 microns.

To support your mine or construction site equipment maintenance program, J&M provides consistent replacement parts availability throughout Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Air Sentry for Mobile Equipment

Heavy equipment is costly to purchase and maintain. Prices for oils, greases and lubricants that keep moving parts lubricated continue to rise. Air Sentry breathers help you protect your investment and get more from your machinery.

Mine Machinery Applications

Mines are some of the harshest operating environments for both man and machine. Keeping mine machinery running is critical to safety and profitability. Air Sentry breathers keep the fluids that power your machinery clean.

D-SERIES BREATHER - Disposable Stationary Applications

Air Sentry breathers for gearbox, pump, storage tank, fluid reservoir, transformer
Air Sentry Breathers D Series

D-Series breathers feature models in a variety of sizes to satisfy the requirements of most stationary fluid management applications. The breathers provide application flexibility by using 100% silica gel for moisture adsorption, activated carbon for fume and odor control, or both when necessary. D-Series models feature 2-micron solid particle filtration. Available with airflow ratings of 20 cfm.

The D-Series is constructed of industrial-grade materials and tested to ensure a wide performance range. It features impact resistant ABS top and bottom caps. The clear acrylic tube makes it easy to inspect the condition of the breather from a distance. The silica gel color changes from gold to dark green to indicate the adsorption of moisture and confirm the breather is getting the job done!

Download D-Series Specifications

F-SERIES BREATHER - Caustic Fumes & Gaseous Environments

Air Sentry breathers for hydraulic fluid reservoir, forklift, baggage hauler
Air Sentry Breather F Series

Health and safety regulations may require battery charging be performed in areas away from personnel, electrical equipment or possible ignition sources. Air Sentry® Gas Neutralization System (GNS) breathers are a simple, cost-efficient solution to the problem of unhealthy gases released during battery charging.

GNS breathers are easy to install using battery vents and plastic tubing to transport exhaust gas to the GNS mounting point. They can be located on or off the equipment. This flexibility allows battery charging to take place at the work site or in an enclosed area.

Download F-Series Specifications

L-SERIES BREATHER - In-Line Low Airflow Applications

Air Sentry breathers for air exhaust, vacuum, LP compressed air lines, marine vehicles
Air Sentry Breather L Series

Air Sentry in-line filter/dryers remove water vapor and solid contaminants from air exhaust lines, low pressure compressed air lines, vacuum lines, and other in-line applications where clean, dry air is required.

L-Series breathers are available with 100% silica gel, activated carbon, or a combination of both as necessary. Air enters the filter/dryer at one end and is clean and dry after leaving the other end. Water vapor and solid particles down to 2 microns are removed. The L-Series is rated up to 60 psi. It mounts on the regulated side of the air line.
  • Minimize rust and corrosion
  • Reduce component wear
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Prolong fluid life
  • Reduce oil oxidation
  • Eliminate fumes and odors

Download L-Series Specifications

M-SERIES BREATHER - Large Off-Road Machinery / Mobile Heavy Equipment

Air Sentry breathers for off-road & heavy equipment, high temperature, corrosive chemicals
Air Sentry Breather M Series

M-Series breathers are made with materials to endure the most severe environments. They replace the standard breather cap or vent tube on fuel tanks and fluid reservoirs. Pipe threads on the bottom standpipe make the units easy and quick to install.

All M-Series breathers have 2 micron pleated filters and silica gel bags that can be easily replaced. They also feature the proprietary Splash Sentry™, which prevents foaming or splashing fluids from entering the breather during normal operating conditions.

Download M-Series Specifications

R-SERIES BREATHER - High Vibration Applications

Air Sentry breathers for off-road truck, crane, railroad maintenance stock, farm implements, construction vehicles
Air Sentry Breather R Series

Most heavy equipment, productive or mobile, is outfitted with hydraulic fluid tanks or reservoirs which “breathe in” dirty outside air.

R-Series breathers are ideal for high vibration mobile applications. They are easily mounted in place of standard breather caps. When the gold silica gel cartridge turns dark green, simply install a new replacement cartridge to keep things moving!

Download R-Series Specifications

X-SERIES BREATHER - High Humidity / High Dust & Quarry Applications

Air Sentry breathers for mine quarry, steam-cleaning room, wash-down area, paper mill
Air Sentry Breathers X Series

X-Series breathers are the perfect solution for high humidity and high-dust environments. To extend desiccant life, the X-Series incorporates two check valves and a reusable top cap. The check valves provide a closed system until airflow is required. The intake check valve allows air into the breather when pressure differential of the atmosphere and fluid reservoir exceeds 0.1 psi threshold. The exhaust check valve permits air to exit the reservoir ats a 2.0 psi threshold. A 0.1 psi check valve is also available for exhaust.

When the gold silica gel has turned dark green, dispose of the spent dark green desiccant cartridge, then use the reusable top cap and a replacement cartridge.

Download X-Series Specifications

XR-SERIES BREATHER - Mining, Construction & Extreme Environments

Air Sentry breathers for mine machinery, mobile equipment, wind power generation

Air Sentry Breather XR Series

Air Sentry Breather XR Series

Air Sentry XR-Series breathers are designed for extreme environments where protection from dust, moisture and vibration are critical. XR-Series breathers include a metal reinforced base available with male NPT threads to adapt to your equipment. The base is also designed to handle the rigors of high vibration applications. The top cap uses two check valves to prevent outside moisture and solid contaminants from entering the breather until there is a need for airflow. Reusable design allows economical replacement of the desiccant cartridge.

Download XR-Series Specifications

Z-SERIES BREATHER - Limited Space Applications

Air Sentry breathers for gearbox, oil drum, totes, small oil container
Air Sentry Breather Z Series

Air Sentry Z-Series breathers are designed for applications where space is limited or air flow requirements are below 5 cfm. The Z-Series is typically used on gearboxes and low fluid volume applications where mounting space is limited, or where a larger breather won’t fit.

Download Z-Series Specifications

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