Chromium Carbide Overlay

Chromium Carbide Overlay

Ameralloy Specialty Steels

Double-C® Chromium Carbide Overlay

Double-C Chromium Carbide Overlay is the effective solution to premature equipment and part wear in extremely abrasive conditions with low to moderate impact. Double-C reduces your maintenance costs and virtually eliminates unnecessary downtime.

Double-C was engineered utilizing an innovative new cladding process to create the most wear-resistant surface available. Double-C’s low carbon steel base allows for weldments, bolts, and stud attachments. The alloy overlays provide a surface with superior wear resistance.

Double-C has proven durability and value through punishing use in the mining and construction industries, coke, cement and asphalt plants, power utilities and pulp & paper mills.

High Chromium, High Carbon, High Hardness

Rockwell C: 60-62
Chromium: 26.8
Carbon: 4.8

Fabrication and Machining

The mild steel base and arc-welded overlay bends readily. Double-C can be specially rolled and formed to your specifications. Contact J&M Parts for a quote.

Impact resistance

The mild steel base metal absorbs shock, providing moderate resistance to impact-type wear. The impact resistance of Double-C improves with the thickness of the base metal

Heat resistance

Double-C is effective up to 1250° F (677° C) with an abrasion ratio of 20:1 over heat resistant steels. Repeated heating and cooling does not affect its wear-resistant properties.

Available for Immediate Shipment

Ameralloy Double-C is available for worldwide delivery.

J&M is an authorized Ameralloy representative. Call +1 786 519 7947, or send us an email.

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