Donaldson Filters for Mining

  • Donaldson Filters for Mining
  • Donaldson Filters for Mining
  • Donaldson Filters for Mining
  • Donaldson Filters for Mining
  • Donaldson Filters for Mining
  • Donaldson Filters for Mining
  • Donaldson Filters for Mining


Filters for Every Phase of Mining

Donaldson offers the most comprehensive line of heavy-duty filters for mining equipment and machinery. Ask J&M Parts to recommend the most cost-efficient Donaldson replacement filters for your engines and equipment. We arrange scheduled shipments of filters to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America in compliance with your equipment maintenance program.

  • High performance air intake filters and pre-cleaners
  • Spin-on, cartridge-style and in-tank hydraulic filters
  • Fuel & lube filters for regular or extended service intervals
  • Bulk supply fuel & lube filters
  • Mufflers, exhaust and filtration accessories
NEW – Extended Service Fuel and Lube Filters for CUMMINS ISX & QSX Engines!

AIR CLEANERS for Mining Applications

Increased engine protection for large mining equipment, extended service intervals, reduced maintenance costs.

SSG Mine Truck Air Cleaners

SSG Donaclone Air Cleaners
SSG offers time-saving improvements over SRG styles. RadialSeal™ sealing eliminates the need to replace gaskets. Quick-release latches and chain connect the service cover to the housing.

» SSG Donaclone Catalog

SSG Replacement Filters for Mine Trucks

G2 Replacement Filters
For high-efficiency filtration and longer life with less restriction, upgrade to PowerCore® G2 air filters with Ultra-Web® filtration technology. NOTE: SSG air cleaners and retrofit kits ship with standard life filters.

» PowerCore G2 Catalog

Precleaners for Extreme Dust Conditions

Heavy-Duty Pre-Cleaners
In extreme dust conditions, pre-cleaners extend air cleaner life by preventing larger particles from reaching the filter. The TopSpin HD® is designed for rugged mining applications.

» Top-Spin Catalog

Severe-Duty Filtration for Large Mining Machines
For large engines operating in surface or underground severe dust environments.

FVG Cycloflow Air Cleaner

FVG CycloflowAir Cleaner
• Up to 1200 cfm airflow
• Horizontal installation
• Two-stage air cleaner

» Download FVG Catalog

Air Filter for Mining Truck

Endurance™ Air Filters
Donaldson Endurance extended service filters with Ultra-Web® nanofiber filtration are built to perform in extreme temperature and humidity. Optimized fiber diameter and structure makes the filter stronger so it lasts longer in severe environmental conditions. High efficiency for longer filter life. High capacity to hold more contaminant.

» Endurance Air Filters

HYDRAULIC FILTERS for Mining Applications

Protect expensive hydraulic components with Donaldson spin-on, cartridge-style and in-tank hydraulic filters.

Low Pressure
Filters rated for working pressures up to 350 psi. In-tank and in-line configurations are available.

Medium Pressure
Donaldson Duramax® filters have become the industry standard for pressures up to 2000 psi.

High Pressure
Heavy-duty filters rated for pressures up to 6500 psi in critical applications.

DT Hydraulic Filter Cartridges

Cartridge Style
DT filters, using Donaldson Synteq™ media technology, help extend heavy duty equipment life.

LUBE FILTERS for Mining Applications

Donaldson lube filters keep oil clean by capturing contaminants that can cause engine damage.

Donaldson Lube Filter for Mining Applications

Spin-On or Cartridge Style Lube/Oil Filters
Capture wear metals, soot and contaminants to keep your equipment running at its best.

Full Flow Filtration
Filter receives near 100% of the flow in an engine lube system. Provides engine protection, maximum cold flow performance, and longer filter life. Most lube filters are full flow.

By-Pass (secondary) Filtration
5 – 10% is diverted back to the sump or oil pan before returning to the filter. This design captures smaller particles than the full flow. The increased efficiency makes bypass filters more restrictive. A bypass is often located in a separate flow path.

Two-stage Filtration
Combines the features of a full flow and bypass filter. This design significantly increases restriction, decreases cold flow performance, causes shorter filter life – even possible engine damage. J&M does not recommend a two-stage filter unless required by OEM.

Lube Filters for Extended Service Intervals

Endurance™ Lube Filters
Donaldson Endurance lube filters use advanced Synteq™ media to improve lubricant flow with a higher level of engine protection. They exceed the filter performance requirements of the original equipment manufacturer.

Synteq™ Media
Synteq filter media technology in Donaldson Endurance lube filters is ideal for equipment owners who want to extend their oil drain intervals.

To initiate an extended oil drain program for your vehicles, please contact J&M Parts. We will review OEM extended servicing guidelines and oil supplier information. A top-quality oil is recommended. It is possible that additional or modified maintenance procedures will be required.

» Donaldson Lube Filters Catalog

FUEL FILTERS for Mining Applications

Donaldson filters help prevent premature pump wear and injector clogging by delivering clean fuel to your engine.

Fuel Filters
Donaldson filters help prevent premature pump wear and injector clogging by delivering clean fuel to your engine.

Fuel Filter for Cummins Engine

Cummins® Engines
Twist&Drain™ filters with integrated WIF sensors simplify the complicated task of removing water from your fuel.

Racor Twist & Drain Fuel Filter

Racor® Fuel Systems
Twist&Drain™ filters with threaded sensor ports work with existing WIF sensors.

Stanadyne Fuel Manager FM100 Filter

Stanadyne® Fuel Manager® FM 100 Fuel Systems
Universal interface allows the same part to fit in multiple applications.

BULK SUPPLY FILTERS for Clean Fuel & Lube

Filter contaminants and control moisture in your bulk supply tanks so your machinery’s on-board filtration does its job better.

Bulk Fuel Filter Assembly

Clean Fuel & Lube Solutions
Donaldson bulk assemblies feature parallel flow configurations to reduce pressure drop.

Bulk Fuel & Lube Tank Inlet Filter

Single Pass Filtration
Enables you to achieve targeted fluid cleanliness on the inlet side.

Fuel Tank Filtering Accessories

Tank Accessories
Control dust and moisture entering bulk storage tanks with the T.R.A.P.™ vent breather and Active Reservoir Vent™.

High Pressure Bulk Fuel Filters

High Pressure Filters
Specially designed for point of use applications on the outlet side.

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