Off-Road Equipment Filters

  • Off-Road Equipment Filters
  • Off-Road Equipment Filters
  • Off-Road Equipment Filters
  • Off-Road Equipment Filters
  • Off-Road Equipment Filters
  • Off-Road Equipment Filters
  • Off-Road Equipment Filters

Donaldson Off-Road Equipment Filters


Donaldson Off-Road Equipment Filters

J&M Parts is a reliable supplier of Donaldson filters for off-road heavy equipment. Superior contaminant removal keeps large engines running longer in dusty, dirty construction environments. To support your equipment maintenance program, we provide regular shipments of filters to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America.

  • End-to-end protection for off-road trucks, heavy equipment and industrial machinery
  • Air – lube – fuel – hydraulic – coolant system filters and parts
  • Filters and products for Extended Service Interval programs
  • Consistent availability: J&M ships filters as you need them
  • Comprehensive warranty coverage and field support*

AIR CLEANERS & PRE-CLEANERS for Off-Road Equipment

Donaldson PowerCore Air Cleaners
PowerCore PSD Air Cleaner
Donaldson PowerCore® PSD air cleaners can be applied to any diesel engine.
» PowerCore Specifications
The PSD air cleaner line covers initial airflow range of 176–915 cfm. With mounting brackets on three sides of the housing and two separate drop tube orientations, the PSD series offers the greatest amount of flexibility for a wide variety of installations.

Donaldson RadialSeal Filters
Off-Road Equipment FIlters
All PowerCore systems use an advanced RadialSeal sealing technology for a best-in-class air intake system.
» Popular Off-Road Air Filters
The reliable seal helps protect engines in extreme operating conditions, off-road or heavy-duty applications. Standard and extended-life filter options are available for nearly all Donaldson air cleaners. High efficiency Endurance™ filters offer improved engine protection for work trucks.

TopSpin™ HD heavy duty air pre-cleaners extend air filter life in the punishing conditions traveled by off-road equipment. TopSpin HD pre-cleaners separate and eject up to 80% of incoming contaminants before they reach your air filter.

Your engine will breathe easier and you’ll use far fewer filters!

LUBE FILTERS for Off-Road Equipment

Donaldson Lube Filters

Keep your engine oil clean by capturing contaminants that can cause engine damage. With coverage for a full range of popular engines, Donaldson lube filters will meet or exceed off-road equipment requirements.

» Lube Filters Catalog

Endurance Lube filters for Off-Road Equipment
Donaldson Endurance™ Extended Life Lube Filters

Designed to protect your heavy-duty engine longer with fewer service intervals. Synteq™ media delivers improved lubricant flow and cold start performance. Endurance lube filters bring a higher level of protection for off-road equipment.

» Endurance Lube Filter Video

FUEL FILTERS for Off-Road Equipment

Donaldson’s expanded line of fuel filters for off-road equipment address medium-duty and heavy-duty applications up to 125 GPM.

» Fuel Filters Catalog

Donaldson Off-Road Fuel Filters

Stanadyne® Fuel Manager® FM100 Replacement Filters

Replacement Fuel Filters for Off-Road Equipment

Complete FM100 coverage with fewer part numbers using Donaldson’s universal interface. Just 17 filters fit over 500 off-road equipment applications!

  • Accommodates OEM drain valves, WIF sensors and bowls
  • No keys necessary for installation
  • Only one threaded port in the housing
  • Domed can provides reliable strength
  • Integrated hose barb – attach a hose to drain water

» Replacement Part Numbers

Twist & Drain Lube Filters

Twist&Drain™ filters simpilfy the complicated task of removing water from fuel.

» Replacement Part Numbers

Twist & Drain Fuel FIlter Kit

Twist&Drain Fuel Filter Kits
Affordable kits contain all components needed to change over to a Twist&Drain system. Available integrated WIF sensor or threaded port.

Racor Fuel Filters

Racor® Fuel Systems
Twist&Drain™ filters with threaded sensor ports work with existing WIF (water-in-fuel) sensors.


Hydraulic Equipment & Gearbox Filtration
For heavy equipment in off-road construction and aggregate applications. Donaldson’s proven Duramax® filters and Synteq™ media technology protect critical components from wear and maintain peak operating performance.

Off Road Filter

Low Pressure Filters
In-tank, spin-on and cartridge style filters can be paired with Donaldson cast aluminum heads.
Duramax Off Road Filters

Medium Pressure Filters
Donaldson Duramax® filters are the highest rated medium pressure filters available.
Duramax Off Road Filters
Off Road Equipment Filters - Hydraulic

High Pressure Filters
Protect critical components with Donaldson high-pressure housing and DT high performance cartridge filters.

» Mobile Hydraulic Replacement Filters

Transmission Filtration

Low Pressure Transmission Filters

Low Pressure Filters
Donaldson’s spin‑on transmission replacement filters are designed to install easily into existing systems.

Duramax Transmission FIlters

Medium Pressure Filters
Duramax medium pressure transmission filters are reliable, long-lived, easy to install and service.
Duramax Off Road Filters
Transmission Filter Kit

Transmission Filter Kits
Pre-assembled kits for specific vehicles make service, ordering, and parts storage routine and simple.

» Transmission Filtration Solutions

COOLANT FILTERS for Off-Road Equipment

Keep your hard working off-road engines running cool!

Donaldson coolant filters remove contaminants and maintain cooling system balance up to 400 gal (1500 L). Donaldson Endurance™ filters extend and maintain engine coolant and filter life.

» Coolant Filtration Guide

Coolant Filters for Off-Road Equipment

Popular Off-Road Filters Donaldson Parts Search EN-ES Donaldson Warranty

For filter assistance and ordering, call J&M Parts at +1 786 519 7947 or send us an email.

Order with confidence from J&M Parts.

The J&M Parts Team hold more than 30 years of engineering and hands-on maintenance experience in large mining and construction projects. Throughout the USA, South America and worldwide, J&M provides reliable parts delivery, equipment sales, on-site installation, maintenance and operator training programs.

Our parent company MCCI offers productivity consulting, training, on-site engineering and language services in foreign and domestic projects around the globe. MCCI helps industrial customers extend service life, minimize costs, and boost the productivity of their operations.