Fleetguard Air Filters

  • Fleetguard Air Filters
  • Fleetguard Air Filters
  • Fleetguard Air Filters
  • Fleetguard Air Filters
  • Fleetguard Air Filters

A high performance air filter is your engine’s best defense.

Air filter selection is critical to high performance engines and vehicle up-time. J&M Parts offers over 3,000 Fleetguard® and Cummins® part numbers. We are the reliable supplier for your mining or construction site maintenance program. J&M can arrange regular shipments of replacement air filters to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Fleetguard Filters for Mining and Construction Vehicles
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  • High performance air filters / air intake systems for off-road or highway trucks, mining and construction equipment
  • Small engines, gas turbine, blower, pumps & mine machinery
  • OptiAir – higher capacity, lower restriction, smaller packaging
  • Magnum RS heavy-duty radial seal filters for high performance in harsh conditions
  • Direct Flow intake systems fit smaller engine compartments

OptiAir Air Filters & Intake Systems

OptiAir™ offers high performance, higher capacity, lower restriction and smaller packaging.

OEM Air Filters

OptiAir air filters address requirements of all OEMs while outperforming conventional radial seal designs.

From the 400 – 1300 Series, the OptiAir line covers air flow requirements up to 1100 CFM (31.15 m3/min.). Available in straight or rotatable 90-degree outlet configurations.

» OptiAir Filter Specifications

  • On and off-highway applications
  • Reduction in system size to fit smaller engine compartments
  • Longer filter life extends service intervals
  • Integrated pre-cleaner helps extend filter life
  • Lower system restriction for high engine performance
  • Reduced service time

Magnum RS Radial Seal OEM-Style Air Filters

Magnum RS™ radial seal filters extend filtration performance with high performance filter media.

OEM Radial Air Filters

Designed for the most rugged, harsh environments. Magnum RS radial seal primary and safety air elements provide significant benefits for longer service life and optimum performance.

» Magnum RS Filter Specifications

  • On and off-highway applications
  • All major OEMs, including Caterpillar, GM, Chrysler, Ford, Freightliner, Kenworth, International, PACCAR, Volvo and others
  • Better airflow for maximum engine life
  • Low maintenance and easy serviceability
  • Greater capacity and durability for longer service intervals
  • Field tested for thousands of hours in on and off highway applications with flawless performance
  • Lab tested in temperatures of -40º to 180º without failure or leaking
  • Closed end urethane design prevents the possibility of moisture-related rusting
  • OEM approved

Fleetguard Direct Flow Air Filter System

Fleetguard Direct Flow™ provides big performance in today’s smaller engine compartments.

Fleetguard Air Filter

Direct Flow offers better engine protection and lower maintenance costs with a smaller profile than conventional air filters and filter systems.

Direct Flow meets Medium & Heavy Duty dust specification requirements with proven handling capabilities for large debris and snow that causes pre-cleaner and filter plugging.

» Direct Flow Filter Specifications

  • Optimized for the most rugged environments
  • Extended air filter life
  • Up to 50% smaller than competitive products
  • Extra protection with optional pre-cleaner and secondary filter
  • Less inventory supports broader applications
  • For low to high dust environments
  • Rust-free composite construction

Cummins / Fleetguard Precleaners

Fleetguard Pre-cleaners extend air filter life. Pre-cleaners reduce the amount of dust and debris that enter the air intake. Keeps the air filter cleaner and your engine running strong.

Fleetguard Air Precleaner

  • Single Stage Self-Cleaning Precleaners (ejective)
  • Continuously eject 98% of all particles, dust & debris
  • Maintenance-free, withstands harsh conditions
  • See potential savings using a single stage precleaner
  • Dual-Stage Precleaners (ingestive)
  • For extreme debris and field applications
  • Extend filter life by weeks, even months
  • Maintain machine up-time
  • Reduce engine maintenance costs
  • See potential savings using a dual-stage precleaner
  • Visibowl™ Ingestive Precleaners
  • Collect separated dust and debris for manual removal
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Trap 70% to 85% of dust and debris

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» Cummins Filtration Warranty EN
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