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  • Fleetguard Lube Filters
  • Fleetguard Lube Filters
  • Fleetguard Lube Filters

The lube system you can depend on… for life.

Fleetguard® flow/by-pass filtration is among today’s advanced lube filtration systems, providing increased engine life over all service intervals, increased vehicle uptime, decreased vehicle maintenance costs and reduced material disposal costs.

Best of all, Cummins® is the only filter manufacturer with a non-prorated warranty. Cummins provides full protection through the recommended service life of the product.

Fleetguard Filters for Mining and Construction Vehicles

  • VENTURI™ is Fleetguard’s high performance combination filter, providing premium protection and performance for today’s Diesel engines.
  • Centriguard™ advanced centrifuge separator removes more soot and sludge from the engine oil.
  • REN oil level products include fluid/oil level sensors, controls and reservoirs.


Fleetguard’s premium aftermarket lube filter for diesel engines, the OEM-approved Venturi combo filter system performs up to four times longer and removes up to three times the contaminants as a full flow synthetic filter. The engine receives super-cleaned oil from the stacked disc section rather than being sent back to the oil sump.

  • Stacked Disc ByPass Media Elements
  • 3-4x more capacity than full-flow or competitive combo filters
  • Captures higher amounts of sludge than other combo filters
  • Passes the M11 High-Soot Test recognized by API
  • Provides up to 5x more dust capacity than needed for a standard service interval
  • StrataPore™ Full-Flow Media Elements
  • Provides optimal level of contaminant removal
  • Maintains efficiency and durability over filter life
  • Maximum cold start oil flow protects valve train components
  • Proven to remove more wear-causing sludge

Case, Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Ford Powerstroke, GMC, Hitachi, International, John Deere, Komatsu, Kubota, Mack

CENTRIGUARD Centrifuge Filter System

CentriguardAdvanced Centrifuge System for Maximum Soot Removal

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» CH41111 / CH41112

Fleetguard centrifuge filtration increases performance, decreases maintenance, and is environmentally friendly. Soot removal from engine oil has become more important than ever before. Centriguard centrifugal separators collect soot up to 2.5 times faster than conventional empty rotor designs.

  • Increased Engine Life & Performance
  • Up to 50% reduction in oil soot levels
  • Reduced wear rates for lower oil consumption
  • Extended full flow oil filter service intervals (depending upon severity of duty cycle)
  • Improved oil viscosity control
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Easier Maintenance & Installation
  • Quickest/easiest maintenance with pop-in/pop-out rotor service
  • Industry-common centrifuge mounting configuration
  • Minimal Environmental Impact
  • No use of messy cleaning solvents
  • Filter is completely disposable and incinerable


Eliminate oil system maintenance worries with Fleetguard oil level products. Built for long life in stationary applications such as prime power, continuous running engines, oil & gas pumping stations, and stationary Irrigation Pump engines.

Oil Supply Reservoirs can be used in conjunction with the Oil Level Regulator, Slow Flow Meter and Continuous Oil Change Module to provide a complete fluid replenishment system.

Oil Level Regulator automatically maintains the proper crankcase oil level in multi-cylinder engines on stationary applications. It saves on oil consumption and increases engine overhaul intervals by maintaining optimum engine oil levels. It also allows a maintenance person to quickly check the oil level of any stationary application to make sure there has been no significant change in oil level that could prove to be harmful.

Slow Flow Meter is intended primarily for measuring lube oil consumption on engine and compressor applications. It is a cost-effective solution for visible and accurate reading of engine oil consumption and can be used with the Oil Level Regulator for a perfectly matched oil control system.

Oil Change Module continuously changes oil on a running engine and maintains constant oil quality, regardless of engine running time. It greatly reduces and simplifies maintenance leading to longer engine life and extended time between overhauls.

Liquid Level Switch can be used to indicate levels of engine oil, hydraulic fluid, or coolant antifreeze. It is double sealed for protection in explosive environments.

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