OTR Tires – Heavy Equipment

  • OTR Tires – Heavy Equipment
  • OTR Tires – Heavy Equipment
  • OTR Tires – Heavy Equipment
  • OTR Tires – Heavy Equipment
  • OTR Tires – Heavy Equipment
  • OTR Tires – Heavy Equipment
  • OTR Tires – Heavy Equipment
Major Brand OTR Tires

Major Brand OTR Tires

OTR Tires for Earthmovers, Dump Trucks, Loaders and Dozers

J&M Parts delivers most major brands of OTR (off-the-road) tires to mining and construction sites throughout Latin America. We offer a full range of name brand OTR radials, giant radials and bias tires. We will ship in container quantities as needed.

Whatever heavy equipment and off-road vehicles you use, J&M can deliver a tire to fit your application and unique terrain. We honor all manufacturer warranties and provide expert on-site tire monitoring and maintenance services.

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Goodyear OTR Michelin OTR Bridgestone OTR Titan OTR

J&M Recommends

Lower Cost OTR Tires for Mining & Construction Machinery

The mining tire with lower cost per hour.

Featuring excellent stability, traction and grip, Chinese made TMI tires offer performance and reliability under heavy loads on rocky, gravel or packed surfaces. Puncture, cut and heat resistance and a lower purchase price helps improve your productivity and profit.

Full Warranty • 4000 Operating Hours

J&M Parts guarantees TMI tires against manufacturer defects for 4000 hours. We provide scheduled delivery direct from the factory.

TMI Giant Radial OTR TIres

LMX201-LMX202 E4 2700R49
LMX203-LMX204 E4 3300R51
LMX205-LMX206 3600R51
LMX207-LMX208 3700R57

TMI Radial OTR Tires

LMX101-LMX102 E2 1700R24
LMX103-LMX104 E2   to
LMX105-LMX106 E3 29.5R25
LMX107-LMX108 E3
LMX109-LMX110 E4
LMX111- LMX112 E4
LMX113-LMX114 IND4
LMX115-LMX116 L5
LMX117-LMX118 L5S

TMI Bias OTR Tires

LMG2-LME3 G-2 35/65-33
LME3A-LME4 L-2 45/65-45
LML5-LML5S R-4 50/65-51
LMC1-LME7 E-3 50/80-57
L-3 52/80-57
E-3 55/80-57
L-3 53.5/85-57
E-4 58/85-57
L-4 70/70-57

Reliable, Consistent Delivery & Pricing – Mexico to South America.

As a TMI reseller throughout Latin America, J&M has better control over pricing and delivery schedules for these tires compared to top-name brands. When your mine site orders through us, you will enjoy friendly personal service and immediate availability. Jim Caton and the J&M Service Team are experts in mining and construction machinery. We will help you choose the right TMI tire for your terrain and machinery requirements. Our Service Team can also provide ongoing tire monitoring and maintenance training.

Order OTR tires with confidence.

The J&M Parts Team hold more than 30 years of engineering and hands-on maintenance experience in large mining and construction projects. Throughout the USA, South America and worldwide, choose J&M for reliable parts support, equipment sales, operator training and maintenance programs.

For parts assistance and ordering, call us at +1 786 519 7947 or send an email.

Onsite Parts Installation - Repair - Engineering - Training - Consulting

The J&M Service Team conducts parts installation, rebuilds and retrofits at your construction or mine site. Our multi-lingual team will work with your on-site maintenance employees. We routinely service sites in Latin and South America.

Our parent company MCCI offers productivity consulting, training, on-site engineering and language services in foreign and domestic projects around the globe. MCCI helps industrial customers extend service life, minimize costs, and boost the productivity of their operations.