Site Support Trucks

  • Site Support Trucks
  • Site Support Trucks
  • Site Support Trucks
  • Site Support Trucks
  • Site Support Trucks
  • Site Support Trucks
  • Site Support Trucks
  • Site Support Trucks
  • Site Support Trucks

Water, Fuel and Lubrication Trucks

J&M Parts provides fully assembled support vehicles customized for your mining or construction site. Extensive consulting and hands-on experience in site operations are built into each tanker and fuel truck. We can recommend time-saving features and vehicle configurations designed to overcome your site’s bottlenecks and terrain difficulties.

Water Truck

Designed, engineered and built to order by Hamilton Equipment Company, these water trucks feature heavy-duty specs and five joystick-controlled sprayers. J&M Parts will customize to any make, size, and function: on-road, off-road, articulated or rigid-frame trucks.

Water Truck for Mine and Construction Sites

Hamilton Water Truck from J&M Parts

  • 1/4″ AR36 Steel Plate Tank
  • 3/8″ Bottom Belly Plate
  • 100% Continuous Welding
  • Rear Fill Pipe with Anti-Siphon Air Gap
  • Top Manhole, Rear Sump
  • Integrated Steel Fenders
  • Plumbed & Epoxy Coated
  • Heavy Duty 24V Air Compressor
  • (5) Air-Operated Spray Heads: (2) Front Corners, (3) Rear
  • Berkeley B4JRMBH 5×4 Hydraulic Centrifugal Pump
  • FirePro Remote Control Water Cannon, Nozzle, Joystick Control
  • Hannay Rear Hose Reel with 50′ of 1-1/2″ Hose
  • LED Lighting Package

Fuel & Lube Truck

CAT 730-based fuel and lube truck shown. Designed and built by Hamilton Equipment Company, this example is set up for arctic conditions – sealed, insulated and heated. Articulated or rigid-frame models can be customized for on-road / off-road mining and construction applications.

Rear Side Door

Fuel and Lubricant Supply Truck

  • Example unit specs:
  • 2,500-Gallon Fuel Tank
  • (4) 200-Gallon Lubricant / Product Tanks
  • 200-Gallon Stainless Antifreeze Tanks
  • 200-Gallon Waste Oil
  • Hydraulic Pumps & Motors
  • 2″ and 1-1/2″ Fuel Hoses
  • (2) 18,000 BTU diesel-fired heaters
  • Bottom-Load Products; Scully Bottom Load for Fuel
  • LED Lighting Package

Full J&M Service and Parts Support: USA – Mexico – Central/South America

J&M Parts is an authorized distributor for Tennessee’s Hamilton Equipment Company, specializing in the buying, selling, and manufacturing of heavy equipment and specialty trucks. J&M provides the vehicle, replacement parts, and operator training.

Order with confidence from J&M Parts.

The J&M Parts Team hold more than 30 years of engineering and hands-on maintenance experience in large mining and construction projects. Throughout the USA, South America and worldwide, choose J&M for reliable parts support, equipment sales, operator training and maintenance programs.

Onsite Parts Installation - Repair - Engineering - Training - Consulting

The J&M Service Team conducts parts installation, rebuilds and retrofits at your construction or mine site. Our multi-lingual team will work with your on-site maintenance employees. We routinely service sites in Latin and South America.

Our parent company MCCI offers productivity consulting, training, on-site engineering and language services in foreign and domestic projects around the globe. MCCI helps industrial customers extend service life, minimize costs, and boost the productivity of their operations.