Tire Monitoring System

Tire Monitoring System

Real Time Tire Pressure Monitor System for Large Off-Road Machinery

Keep operating costs down…and productivity UP.

A tire monitor system can dramatically reduce unplanned downtime and extend tire life to improve overall profitability of your site. TMS technology helps avoid accelerated wear, improves fuel efficiency, and reduces costly tire failures while your vehicles are in operation.

The Tire Monitor System alerts your drivers to potential pressure and temperature problems while they are on shift. TMS also creates a historical tire pressure and temperature log to help your maintenance team keep tires and OTR machinery operating as expected.

TMS System Overview

Easy to Install and Operate

TMS sensors inside or outside each tire transmit pressure and temperature data to an in-cab TMS receiver and digital display. An alert is sounded if any alarm condition is triggered.

The driver will know if a tire will complete the shift, or if there is sufficient pressure to drive the vehicle to a safe location or maintenance bay for tire inspection and repair.

The TMS receiver can be connected into your vehicle network. Current data and geographic location can be viewed by the site manager.

TMS Features and Benefits

  • Easily fitted inside the tire
  • Monitor current tire pressure and temperature
  • Configurable for up to six wheels
  • Configurable alarm conditions
  • Connects to vehicle network
  • Log and store tire pressure history
  • Reduce tire maintenance costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Extend tire life
  • Avoid unplanned vehicle downtime
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