Truck Tires – General Tire

Truck Tires – General Tire

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Truck tires that excel in reliability, handling and mileage.

Commercial truck tires by General are chosen for durable construction and high performance. J&M Parts provides expert ordering and technical help with reliable pricing for large shipments. We deliver CIF to Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean.

D450™ Regional Drive Tire

Truck Tires - General Tire D450 Regional Drive TireGeneral’s open shoulder drive tire offers great traction and long life over short or long hauls. Applications: Long/short haul, highway, single or tandem drive axle.

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D445 Regional Drive Tire

Truck Tires - General Tire D445 Regional Drive TireOn/off road drive tire with aggressive tread pattern with even wear. Applications: Long/short haul, on/off highway, drive axle.

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D660 Highway Drive Tire

Truck Tires - General Tire D660 Highway Drive TireClosed-shoulder design supplies excellent traction without sacrificing fuel economy. Applications: Long/short haul, highway, tandem drive axle.

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GRABBER™ OA – On/Off Road All-Position Tire

Grabber OA All Position Truck TireReduced damage from curbing, cuts and abrasions means you can be confident either on or off the road. Applications: Construction service, on/off road all-position.

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GRABBER™ OA WB – On/Off Road All-Position Tire

Grabber OA Wide Base - General TireIncreased carrying capacity and extra-tough tread elements. Rugged tread provides a higher level of severe service. Applications: Construction service, on/off road, all-position.

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GRABBER™ OD – On/Off Road Drive Tire

Grabber OD Drive Tire - General TireGrabber OD delivers traction in tough weather and off-road conditions. This tire grips the road with an open shoulder and a deep tread. Applications: Construction service, on/off highway.

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S371™ Regional All-Position Tire

S371 Regional All-Position Tire - General TireLong-mileage tire with resistance to cuts and tears. Ideal for highway use. SmartWay™ verified low rolling resistance. Applications: Regional haul, on/off highway, all-position use.

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S581 Highway Steer and All-Position Tire

S581 Higway Steer Truck Tires - General TireSuperb highway performance! This steer tire offers excellent milage and Smartway™ verified low rolling resistance. Applications: Long haul, highway steering and all-position use.

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ST250 Highway Trailer Tire

ST250 Highway Trailer Tire - General TirePerfect for the long haul, this trailer tread pattern offers stone ejection technology. Smartway™ verified low rolling resistance. Applications: Long haul, highway, trailer axle.

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ST250 LP Highway Trailer Tire

ST250 LP Highway Trailer Truck Tire - General TireUnique see-through grooves provide water evacuation. Depend on this low-profile trailer tire for its wet traction capabilities. Applications: Long/regional haul, on/off highway.

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Order General® truck tires with confidence.

The J&M Parts Team hold more than 30 years of engineering and hands-on maintenance experience in large mining and construction projects. Throughout the USA, South America and worldwide, choose J&M for reliable parts support, equipment sales, operator training and maintenance programs.

J&M Parts honors all applicable manufacturer warranties.
We deliver Michelin truck tires direct from the factory.

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The J&M Service Team conducts parts installation, rebuilds and retrofits at your construction or mine site. Our multi-lingual team will work with your on-site maintenance employees. We routinely service sites in Latin and South America.

Our parent company MCCI offers productivity consulting, training, on-site engineering and language services in foreign and domestic projects around the globe. MCCI helps industrial customers extend service life, minimize costs, and boost the productivity of their operations.