Ultra High-Impact Steel Plate

Ultra High-Impact Steel Plate

Ameralloy Specialty Steels

Amera-Braze® 420 Premium Steel Alloy for Extreme Impact Conditions

Amera-Braze 420 by Ameralloy is a heat treated, high impact and abrasion resistant alloy steel plate and strip. With a combination of excellent toughness and high hardness, Amera-Braze 420 has the capability to resist shock, impact, abrasion, stress and vibration.

Amera-Braze 420 is specified in mining and heavy equipment components exposed to severe, direct impact and abrasion. Because of its high-strength formulation, a reduction of dead weight is achieved by using Amera-Braze in half the thickness of the original chute, liner, or wear area.

Mechanical Properties

TS: 190,000 psi
Rockwell C: 39-46
Brinell: 390-420

Fabrication and Machining

Expert fabrication, forging and engineering assistance is available when Ameralloy premium alloys are specified. Contact J&M Parts for a quote.

Features & Advantages

  • Work hardening
  • Reduction in dead weight
  • Can be drilled with standard high speed tooling
  • Excellent weldability
  • Moderate cold forming
  • Maximum resistance to impact and abrasion
  • High tensile strength

Mining & Construction Applications

  • Mining Truck Bed Liner
  • Bucket Liner
  • Bulldozer Blade Liner
  • Conveyor Bucket
  • Crusher Hammers
  • Deck Plate / Pressure Plate
  • Wear Liner

Available for Immediate Shipment

Amera-Braze 420 Plate & Strip is available for worldwide delivery in most sheet sizes and thickness. Forming, rolling, punching and perforating to your specifications.

J&M is an authorized Ameralloy representative. Call +1 786 519 7947, or send us an email.

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