Jim Caton
J&M Founder

Jim Caton

Jim Caton has over 40 years of experience in mining and construction operations and management.

Founder of J&M Parts and MCCI, a large portion of Mr. Caton’s career was spent working for one of the largest construction and mining OEMs in the USA.

  • Manager of equipment maintenance on small and large mining and construction projects, including large walking draglines and rope shovels.
  • Operation and maintenance responsibility of large and small mining and construction crushing operations, 150 to 3,000 tph.
  • Sized coal production, sized rock for gold and silver mine leach pad operation.
  • Production of concrete aggregates, sand, rail road ballast, base for highway construction and filter materials for dam projects.
  • Manage subcontractors on the assembly of a large coal handling, ship loading facility in Colombia.
  • Operation and maintenance of flash butt welding process for continuously welded rail for main line railroad construction.
  • Operation and maintenance of 4-mile conveyor belt system truck dump to power plant stockpile area.

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