Jorge Alvarez
Mechanical Engineer

Jorge Alvarez

Jorge Alvarez is a mechanical engineer with over 20 years of large construction experience.

Jorge is from Colombia, and brings considerable Canadian and international experience in mining, ports, and onshore facilities.

  • Bulk material handling systems – fabrication supervision and QC, erection, start-up, operation training and maintenance under the AWS, CWS, ASME.
  • Stacker reclaimer – ship loading, conveying system, train and truck unloading system, ship self-unloading system, fabrication, QC, erection, start-up, operation and maintenance.
  • Mines, ports & industrial plants – preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance.
  • Marine equipment & facilities maintenance & rebuilding – tug boat, barge, pier, cathodic protection, sandblasting and painting.
  • Maintenance & reconstruction shop manager for port, mine, mobile & mechanical equipment – structure and piping system fabrication, erection and start-up under ASME and AWS standards.
  • Construction projects adviser & QC – civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical works (over 15 years).
  • Materials management – design and implement.

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